Avoidable Deaths

The death of wildlife is, in part, due to how TNR is implemented. TNR groups are given little oversight, are not held accountable for their practices and offer no transparency to their operations by the governments that permit them to TNR. The stubborn refusal to collect data about their programs only raises the ire of the general public who see the enjoyment of their properties dwindle as neighboring colonist allow their cats to defecate and urinate where they will, to kill birds and other creatures while hunting on neighboring properties and to attack and spread disease to owned pets, all with very little or no attempt to provide solutions.

The effectiveness of TNR is being held back by the ‘all heart, no head’ enthusiasts who wish to pursue their interests at the expense of their neighbors, other peoples companion animals and local wildlife. Monies should only be made available to TNR groups that commit to micro-chipping feral cats and doing proper data collection. Otherwise Best Friends and other deep pocket groups are supporting what verges on a biological weapon of mass destruction.